Author: Yosu Cadilla

Download Mautic

Download Mautic

You can download Mautic from several different locations around the Internet, including and Github, however, it’s not that simple to understand how Mautic releases work and most of all it’s not always easy to choose the right version for your needs.

In this page, you’ll find a list of Mautic releases and some recommendations to help you decide which one to download depending on your needs.

Each Mautic release ending in zero contains new features and hence some new bugs are usually introduced with those versions. Releases ending in subsequent numbers focus on making Mautic more stable and fixing any bugs introduced in previous releases.
Hence some releases are safer than others, for your convenience, we’ve provided some links to the releases we recommend using. 

LAST REVIEWED ON: Sep, 8 – 2019
All these Mautic downloads are direct links to the official releases on Github.

Download MauticDOWNLOAD recommended for Production:  Download Mautic 2.14.2
Download Mautic UnstableDOWNLOAD recommended for Testing Mautic: Download Mautic 2.15.1
Developer Mautic DownloadDOWNLOAD LATEST Mautic version: Download Mautic 2.15.2 
Click here to check the status of and bugs found on 2.15.2
Mautic 2.15.2 now marked as “dangerous” due to important bugs present, please wait for versions 2.15.3 or 2.16.0!
Download MauticUPDATE existing Mautic: Update Mautic to 2.14.2
Download Mautic UnstableUPDATE existing Mautic: Update Mautic to 2.15.1
Developer Mautic DownloadUPDATE existing Mautic: Update Mautic to 2.15.2

Special note: Mautic 2.15.0 and newer supports PHP 7.2. At this point in time (September 2019), the most stable version is still 2.14.2, however, you might want to consider using 2.15.1 instead for your production environment to future proof your installation. If you do so, expect surprises and be ready to patch your Mautic installation.

The stability grade is a subjective measure based on the release cycle, the amount of bugs/issues published, open and closed in each release and the severity of these bugs.

 Download Mautic Stable Stable  Production-ready No known Bugs    Battle Tested 
 Download Mautic Usable Mostly Stable  Production-ready  No Known Major Bugs.
Minor bugs might exist.
 Download Mautic Usable Expect surprisesBugs present but fix is already available, Young
 Download Mautic Unstable Unstable  For testing only Known bugs of importance New
 Developer Mautic Download Development  For development only  Untested, dangerous  New