Dries made sure both his creations, Drupal and Acquia, remained independent from one another, and hence Drupal became a democratic meritocracy over time. This is not only smart but also elegant and consequent with the community. A clear separation, even if there are strong ties between both entities, allows the community to flourish and grow and hence Drupal grew its reach to become one of the most amazing Open Source communities in the world.

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Securing your Mautic Installation

Secure Mautic Installation

This is part 2 of the Mautic installation tutorial, in part 2 we will secure our server in order to make it production ready. 

This is a slightly more advanced installation process allowing for a more secure install of Mautic 2.15.1 on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with PHP 7.2 on top of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This tutorial should take you between 10 and 20 minutes depending on your level of expertise with Mautic and Linux.

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Mautic Community Gets Revamped, at last!

Many newcomers have expressed their astonishment and doubts about the Mautic community lately, in truth, we've all been a little worried about what was going on with the Mautic Community, the forums didn't work for a long time, in fact, you couldn't even register a new account on at all!

Then there was the announcement about abandoning Slack in favor of Discord, but nothing did really happen afterward (it's been several months)...
And then there were those, poking on the GitHub releases and versions, they noticed that Mautic 3, publicly announced almost a year ago to be completed before the end of 2018 or first quarter of 2019 at most, was completely stalled and there were no signs of any activity, at all.

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SaaS is all the rage in every industry and Marketing Automation is no exception, tools like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and many others to the count of more than a hundred MA SaaS tools!
However, SaaS tends to use a "one size fits all" service model (or better said, 3 sizes fits all), which tends to leave a big chunk of companies out of their offerings.
Your company might be one of the special outliers that don't perfectly fit in the SaaS model. The good news is, most probably, Mautic will cover all of your needs.

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Mautic Support

If you are a Mautic community user or Mautic self-hosted user, chances are you are going to need help, a lot of times...

Have you noticed how some requests seem to get a lot of attention while others seem to be ignored? Some users seem to get their questions answered fast while questions from other users go unanswered forever and finally fade into oblivion.

Also, it would seem some questions get well-thought responses while others get short answers that seem not to be helpful at all.

If you are one of those guys who's questions tend to go unanswered, this post will help you get proper answers almost every time.

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Mautic and GDPR Compliance


Here are some basic guidelines for GDPR compliance in general. This information is not exclusive to Mautic, it applies to any company that wants to be GDPR compliant.

The basic data privacy rights of an EU citizen that we have to respect:

- The company is responsible for any data breach
- We have to obtain explicit consent to store and use data.
- Consent to store and use my personal data within or outside the EU.
- Inform users of where the data is stored 

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Both these statements initially looked to me as what every FOSS proponent would say... Open is cool, right?

"With Mautic, Acquia is now the only open and open source alternative to the expensive, closed, and stagnant marketing clouds."
"Open Source will disrupt every component of the modern technology stack. It's not a matter of if, it's when."

But after 4 days of collecting any available information, reading and re-reading everything that has been published and carefully evaluating every word of what the masterminds of this Acquisition had to say, I have come to realize this is actually the core of Acquia's strategy going forward. Bare with me, we are in for a hell of a ride!

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Troubleshooting Mautic is not usually simple, but it helps a lot if you know what to look for.
These 4 steps will get you there most of the time:  

1) Check ALL your logs.
2) Check the Mautic output on your browser.
3) Search the Internet, especially Github.
4) Report your findings.

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Mautic can do a whole lot of smart stuff for your email, except sending it! Mautic users have to use a third party service to send emails, in this post I'll go over 3 different options for sending Mautic emails, the pros and cons of each and I'll give you a final recommendation for your business type.

There's a lot to consider when choosing the best email delivery for Mautic emails, for starters a lot of work can go into building Mautic campaigns, in those cases, the cost of sending emails will be just a small fraction of the overall spend and deliverability should be second to nothing. On the other hand, companies using Mautic to send newsletters or simpler DRIP campaigns might be more sensible to the cost of sending these emails. And finally, heavily IT bound companies might care less about pricing and will consider flexibility as the main feature to consider.

I have chosen 3 companies that will cater to each of those needs, keep reading!

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Many companies turn to Mautic in search of a more cost-effective way to enable their organizations for the future.

Since Mautic is free to download, yeiii! One could think running it at scale could be done for free too, however, Mautic is quite a complex piece of software, and depending on your requirements, it will also need some decent hardware to run on top of.
In this post, I'll give you details about the costs involved and how to source what you need.

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Mautic cron jobs: Which ones to use?

Mautic Cron Jobs

There are many Mautic cron jobs you can use in your Mautic installation, but Mautic can get resource hungry over time, so you don't really want to run them all, in fact, that would be a great mistake, you only have to add the cron jobs that you actually need in your own setup, based on your own Mautic installation and the Mautic features you're currently using.

This is a guide to help you both, first discover and then choose the right Mautic cron jobs you want to deploy in order to have a perfectly smooth Mautic installation on your server. 

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Every so often I get requests to deploy multi-tenant Mautic setups, those requests are usually from a Marketing agency that needs to run multiple Mautic instances for their customers or their internal usage, However, multi-tenancy is very often a misunderstood and misused concept.

Multi-tenancy is an architectural approach enabling a single instance of an application to be used by multiple organizations or users, the tenants. In multi-tenant apps, there is just one code base for everyone and the separation between clients is done in that single codebase and sustained by the database.

On the other hand, Multi-instance, what I call "Replication" provides each organization with its own codebase.

Let's analyze in detail these 2 options and find out which is the best way to run Mautic for an Agency.

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