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Infrastructure, Systems Administration and DevOps content with a slight focus on self-hosted Marketing Open Source Software.

Build Your Own SaaS Mautic.

If you have ever thought about how Mautic can be used to create a SaaS business or how to run dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Mautic instances for your clients, here’s an overview of how to build the required infrastructure to do so.

Mautic for Agencies

Which is the Best Way to Run Mautic for Agencies?

Every so often I get requests to deploy multi-tenant Mautic setups, those requests are usually from a Marketing agency that needs to run multiple Mautic instances for their customers or their internal usage, However, multi-tenancy is very often a misunderstood and misused concept.

Multi-tenancy is an architectural approach enabling a single instance of an application to be used by multiple organizations or users, the tenants. In multi-tenant apps, there is just one code base for everyone and the separation between clients is done in that single codebase and sustained by the database.

On the other hand, Multi-instance, what I call “Replication” provides each organization with its own codebase.

Let’s analyze in detail these 2 options and find out which is the best way to run Mautic for an Agency.

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ZFS for the Cloud

The Best Cloud File System was Created Before the Cloud Existed

You know what NTFS is… that’s your Windows file system, right?
You probably also know that Linux uses several different file systems, the most extended ones being ext3 and ext4.

Here’s the thing…. there’s an old file system called ZFS, originally designed by SUN Microsystems in 2001 and delivered for the first time as a Solaris product on 2005. At the time, it was a very specific tool designed to serve the needs of a reduced number of companies running large pools of disks sitting in the server room of a corporation’s HQ. It was a very niche FS that very few people would find useful, at the time…

But now it is appearing in many places, from laptops to clusters, and threatening with becoming Linux’s new main FS. Let’s see what all the fuss is about…

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