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Mautic for Agencies

Which is the Best Way to Run Mautic for Agencies?

Every so often I get requests to deploy multi-tenant Mautic setups, those requests are usually from a Marketing agency that needs to run multiple Mautic instances for their customers or their internal usage, However, multi-tenancy is very often a misunderstood and misused concept.

Multi-tenancy is an architectural approach enabling a single instance of an application to be used by multiple organizations or users, the tenants. In multi-tenant apps, there is just one code base for everyone and the separation between clients is done in that single codebase and sustained by the database.

On the other hand, Multi-instance, what I call “Replication” provides each organization with its own codebase.

Let’s analyze in detail these 2 options and find out which is the best way to run Mautic for an Agency.

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Upgrade from Mautic 3.x to Mautic 4.4.11

It is not yet time to migrate to Mautic 5 for your production environment, it is still too soon!
Mautic 4 on the other hand is currently very mature. This is the most stable, efficient and secure Mautic version we had in a very long time, especially after the recent release of Mautic 4.4.11, which is the last release in the Mautic 4.x series.
If you haven’t yet updated your Mautic 3 to Mautic 4, now is the time, here’s a guide to do so, how to upgrade to Mautic 4 in 3 simple steps.

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Mautic Installation: The Configuration Wizard

Mautic Installation: The Configuration Wizard

Yeah I know, this is pretty trivial, but I had made some snapshots of the process and thought, why not? Maybe someone gets stuck in one of the steps, like the database (I did the first time I installed Mautic) So here it is…

OK so after you complete the mautic installation, you have to navigate to your server or VPS, either by using the server’s IP or, if you have set up your DNS, using the domain name. After you do, and if everything went fine you will be presented with the following screens:

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Mautic 5 setup

Mautic 5.0.4 Installation on Ubuntu 22.04 with PHP 8.1 and MariaDB 11

5 Simple Steps to Install Mautic 5

  1. Install the packages required to run Mautic 5.
  2. Install Mautic 5.0.4
  3. Run the Mautic 5 configuration wizard.
  4. Install the Mautic 5 Cron Jobs.
  5. Enjoy your first Mautic 5 installation!

With a major code refactoring, a new Symfony 6 under the hood and an intensive fat reduction treatment, Mautic 5 is as lean and mean as it gets.
This is an early release and, in my opinion, not yet ready for production, but the promise of a new level of stability and performance makes it very enticing to install Mautic 5 and give it a spin (surprise, surprise, it is faster and feels more streamlined).

But wait, there’s more! With PHP 8.1 support and MariaDB 11, your code will run faster than ever and your database will self optimize better than ever before.
So here’s, as always, the best possible specs for your new Mautic 5 installation! Start your Mautic 5 venture with the right foot!

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Mautic Installation: Mautic Hardware Requirements

The adequate amount of hardware resources you need for your Mautic installation will depend on the Mautic features you’ll be using.
There’s no silver bullet when it comes to Mautic performance, but we will try to provide a guide on how to calculate the requirements for your own, self-hosted, Mautic installation.

Find out how to accurately forecast the Mautic Requirements for your next Mautic installation and prevent Mautic from running slow or completely freezing.

As a Mautic Ops and Systems Architect, I have encountered several perfectly OK Mautic installations that were just terribly slow (to the point of not being usable anymore) but otherwise perfectly OK, what usually happens is that the new server is gauged accordingly to some basic rules, like 1GB of RAM for every 10K users. This way of forecasting your Mautic hardware requirements is too simplistic and will probably lead to either a slow-running Mautic installation or a too big invoice.

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Mautic Backup

Mautic Backup for Dummies & Marketers too

There’s much more to making backups than just copying files, as you probably know, you need a backup strategy. In this post, I’m not going to enter in detail on the strategic part. Anyway, I’m going to abide by the most basic and indispensable elements of a backup strategy, that is so, if you ever need your data, you have a certain guarantee that your data will remain available to you when most needed.

I’m going to start with a little bit of theory, I know it’s boring, but it will let you understand what you’re doing in the second part when we start using the console and giving instructions to the server.

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How to Reset Lost Mautic Administrator Password

If you have forgotten or lost your Mautic Administrator Password, or if after an update your login has stopped working. Mautic can send you an email with a link for you to create a new password.
But what if your email settings are missing or do not work propely anymore? Bad news, there is no way to recover it or change it from the UI.

However, if you have SSH access to your Mautic instance, you can directly modify the database, you won’t be able to see the stored password, but you can overwrite the existing password or even better, add a new user directly into the database here’s how:

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[Solved] Maxmind GeoLite2 & GeoIP Database Auto-Update | 2020.

If you just installed Mautic in 2020, you might have noticed the Maxmind IP lookup doesn’t seem to work anymore. That’s because Maxmind has changed the method to obtain the latest updated databases from them.
The difference is simple, now you need to provide your credentials, but it completely changes the process to update your IP database.

In this post you’ll find 5 simple steps to fix the Maxmind Geolite2 and GeoIP issue in under 10 minutes, so you can make your Mautic installation compliant with the new process and automate obtaining the Geolite2 database for your Mautic installation.

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