Please Stop Using Bitnami or Cpanel to Install Mautic

No Bitnami for Mautic installation.

Please stop using Bitnami images and Cpanel / Softaculous as a quick shortcut to install Mautic.

Mautic is still a young and rapidly evolving software with frequent releases that contain new features, with new features come new bugs.

As user of Mautic self=hosted, you will need to deal with bugs, you will have to apply patches, you will have to run updates manually and you will encounter problems related to the environment in which Mautic is installed, In order to solve those issues, you will need a basic understanding of Apache or NginX, MariaDB or a compatible MySQL database, PHP configuration, and how Linux operates.

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The Best Cloud File System was Created Before the Cloud Existed

ZFS for the Cloud

You know what NTFS is, that’s your windows file system, right?
You probably also know that Linux uses several different file systems, the most extended one being ext4…

Here’s the thing…. there’s an old file system called ZFS, originally designed by SUN Microsystems in 2001 and delivered for the first time as a Solaris product on 2005.
At the time, it was a very specific tool designed to serve the needs of a reduced number of companies running large pools of disks sitting in a server room.

What happened between then and now we all know, the Internet became mainstream, allowed cloud computing, then DevOps emerged and then containers exploded; as a consequence of those changes, the needs of system administrators and users alike have completely changed. What used to be a strange and relatively complex file system, tailored for very specific needs and used exclusively by just a few people, might be the best option nowadays and because it was so well architected, 15 years after it’s now shining more than ever, rapidly growing in adoption and menacing to become mainstream.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about…

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Mautic and GDPR Compliance

Mautic and GDPR Compliance

Here are some basic guidelines for GDPR compliance in general. This information is not exclusive to Mautic, it applies to any company that wants to be GDPR compliant.

The basic data privacy rights of an EU citizen that we have to respect:

– The company is responsible for any data breach
– We have to obtain explicit consent to store and use data.
– Consent to store and use my personal data within or outside the EU.
– Inform users of where the data is stored 

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Mautic Acquired by Acquia, What About the Mautic Community?

Mautic Acquired by Acquia, What About the Mautic Community?

Dries made sure both his creations, Drupal and Acquia, remained independent from one another, and hence Drupal became a democratic meritocracy over time. This is not only smart but also elegant and consequent with the community. A clear separation, even if there are strong ties between both entities, allows the community to flourish and grow and hence Drupal grew its reach to become one of the most amazing Open Source communities in the world.

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Acquia Acquires Mautic: Disrupting the Digital Experience Market, with Open Source

Acquia Acquires Mautic

Both these statements initially looked to me as what every FOSS proponent would say… Open is cool, right?

“With Mautic, Acquia is now the only open and open source alternative to the expensive, closed, and stagnant marketing clouds.”
“Open Source will disrupt every component of the modern technology stack. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when.”

But after 4 days of collecting any available information, reading and re-reading everything that has been published and carefully evaluating every word of what the masterminds of this Acquisition had to say, I have come to realize this is actually the core of Acquia’s strategy going forward. Bare with me, we are in for a hell of a ride!

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Bye Bye Joomla…

For me It’s been 13 years since I started using Joomla professionally and a couple moreyears playing with it before that (well, with Mambo).

In 2007 I even developed a free affiliates plugin for Virtuemart, Jafilia VM Affiiates, it lived for some 4 years and helped lot’s of Virtuemart shop owners increase their income (Affiliates and CPA was all the rage at the time, we called it “Viral Marketing” and it really was viral!).

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The Dangers of Mautic 3

The Dangers of Mautic 3

Or what Mautic 3 could mean for the rest of us…

Mautic 3 is going to be wonderful, I have no doubt about it. The core team and the developers both from Mautic Inc and the community are simply awesome, the new paradigm proposed for Mautic 3 is wonderful and the technical possibilities are on par with the latest developments from Google. The conversation about how we are supposed to build Mautic 3 is happening right now in the #core channel of Mautic’s Slack. If you haven’t paid a visit yet, this is a great moment to do so. 

But there is a hidden danger lurking behind the creation of Mautic 3 and how it’s being designed at Mautic Inc, the current vision could have it’s dangers… to the community.

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Mautic is a box o’ bugs (We need Mautic Stable – LTS)

A few months ago, one of our fellow Mauticians just made an interesting remark on Mautic’s #General Slack channel:

Mautic is a box o’ bugs: Anyone know a stable release of mautic?
*most stable (bc apparently nothing is stable)
went thru 2.11.0, 2.12.2, 2.13.1 –> no dice
in one release test emails are breaking, in another campaigns don’t work, and in another you cannot even save the config page, it’s like a whole new box o’ bugs with each release.

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Mautic 3, nine months have passed…

We might be losing a golden opportunity!

Several weeks ago it was announced on the #core channel, that Mautic 3 development teams where being formed. I was very excited, naturally. I took a look at how the groups where setup and I noticed one thing, this was a purely technical and completely development focused set of groups, where was the “Product Side” going to be discussed, I wondered… So I asked this very specific question during the next #core meeting… “Are Mautic 3 development groups going to define what Mautic 3 as a product will be like?”

The answer I received was as clear as it was troubling: “Mautic 3 will follow the vision DB Hurley has already defined”

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Mautic Community Gets Revamped, at last!

Many newcomers have expressed their astonishment and doubts about the Mautic community lately, in truth, we’ve all been a little worried about what was going on with the Mautic Community, the forums didn’t work for a long time, in fact, you couldn’t even register a new account on at all!

Then there was the announcement about abandoning Slack in favor of Discord, but nothing did really happen afterward (it’s been several months)…
And then there were those, poking on the GitHub releases and versions, they noticed that Mautic 3, publicly announced almost a year ago to be completed before the end of 2018 or first quarter of 2019 at most, was completely stalled and there were no signs of any activity, at all.

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Direct Mautic Download

Download Mautic
Download Mautic

Click here to Download Mautic 2.15.3

No forms to fill, just one-click direct Mautic Downloads from the Github Releases.

ATTENTION: You should Carefully choose the best Mautic Download for your needs!

With Mautic, just downloading the latest version might not be the smartest option.
Understand how Mautic releases work and most of all make an informed decision about which is the right version for your needs.

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