Securing your Mautic Installation

Secure Mautic Installation

This is part 2 of the Mautic installation tutorial, in part 2 we will secure our server in order to make it production ready. 

This is a slightly more advanced installation process allowing for a more secure install of Mautic 2.15.1 on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with PHP 7.2 on top of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This tutorial should take you between 10 and 20 minutes depending on your level of expertise with Mautic and Linux.

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Mautic cron jobs: Which ones to use?

Mautic Cron Jobs

There are many Mautic cron jobs you can use in your Mautic installation, but Mautic can get resource hungry over time, so you don't really want to run them all, in fact, that would be a great mistake, you only have to add the cron jobs that you actually need in your own setup, based on your own Mautic installation and the Mautic features you're currently using.

This is a guide to help you both, first discover and then choose the right Mautic cron jobs you want to deploy in order to have a perfectly smooth Mautic installation on your server. 

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Yeah I know, this is pretty trivial, but I had made some snapshots of the process and thought, why not? Maybe someone gets stuck in one of the steps, like the database (I did the first time I installed Mautic) So here it is...

OK so after you complete the mautic installation, you have to navigate to your server or VPS, either by using the server's IP or, if you have set up your DNS, using the domain name. After you do, and if everything went fine you will be presented with the following screens:

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Mautic will run on any server that supports PHP and a MySQL compatible database, which is little short of saying it will run anywhere, you could run it on Linux, Windows, you could run it on your phone, what the heck! you could probably run it on your smart coffee maker!

But should you? Of course not, your coffee maker runs java! hehehe.

Now seriously, which is the best platform to run Mautic? As always, it depends, so I will try to give you enough pointers for you to choose the best option for your own situation.

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Troubleshooting Mautic is not usually simple, but it helps a lot if you know what to look for.
These 4 steps will get you there most of the time:  

1) Check ALL your logs.
2) Check the Mautic output on your browser.
3) Search the Internet, especially Github.
4) Report your findings.

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Mautic and GDPR Compliance


Here are some basic guidelines for GDPR compliance in general. This information is not exclusive to Mautic, it applies to any company that wants to be GDPR compliant.

The basic data privacy rights of an EU citizen that we have to respect:

- The company is responsible for any data breach
- We have to obtain explicit consent to store and use data.
- Consent to store and use my personal data within or outside the EU.
- Inform users of where the data is stored 

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With this Mautic tutorial, you will learn how to complete the Mautic 2.15.1 installation on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with PHP 7.2 on top of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in just about 7 minutes.

If you are a total newbie to the Linux command line, this tutorial was made specifically for you, it's the best way to get started as I carefully designed it to have the fewer amount of commands possible, so it's easier to understand and the probability of anything going sideways is minimal. It's designed to give you a quick success using the command line so you can have an easy victory and gain the confidence to later advance towards more complex, more secure and better-optimized setups.

On the other hand, if you are more experienced with Linux, and don't mind some extra complexity, this might be a better tutorial for you: Securing your Mautic Installation

There are 3 steps:

  1. Install Mautic and required packages
  2. Run the Mautic configuration Wizard.
  3. Install the Mautic cron jobs. 

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Install Mautic Plugin - Mixin

Installing Mautic plugins or Mautic Mixins (as only God knows why they are officially named now) is really simple... most of the time...
But there's always some obscure unofficial plugin that you really need so badly, and those always have little or no instructions and hence they refuse to install.

Don't worry, it really is very simple, if you know a couple of tricks... Let's start with the basics:

Read the full article: Install Mautic Plugin - mixin

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