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You can download Mautic from several different locations around the Internet, including and Github, however, it's not that simple to understand how Mautic releases work and most of all it's not always easy to choose the right version for your needs.

In this page, you'll find a list of Mautic releases and some recommendations to help you decide which one to download depending on your needs.

Each Mautic release ending in zero contains new features and hence some new bugs are usually introduced with those versions, releases ending in subsequent numbers focus on making Mautic more stable and fixing any bugs introduced on previous releases.

Hence some releases are safer than others, for your convenience, we've provided some links to the releases we recommend using. 

LAST REVIEWED ON: March, 27 - 2019
All downloads are direct links to the official releases hosted on Github.

  Download Mautic   Recommended version for Production Setups:  Download Mautic 2.14.2 

  download Mautic Orange   Recommended version for Testing Mautic: Download Mautic 2.15.1  

  download Mautic Orange  LATEST Mautic version: Download Mautic 2.15.1  


The stability grade is a subjective measure based on the release cycle, the amount of bugs/issues published, open and closed in each release and the severity of these bugs.

 download Mautic Blue  Stable  Production Ready No known Bugs


 Battle Tested 

 download Mautic Cyan  Mostly Stable  Production ready   No Known Bugs  Young
 Download Mautic Green  Usable Expect surprises No known bugs of Importance
Minor bugs present
 download Mautic Orange  Unstable  For testing only  Known bugs of importance  New
 download Mautic RED  Dangerous  For development only  Untested   New











Next Mautic releases:

Mautic 2.15.2 Has no release date as of now.

Mautic 2.16.0 Has no release date as of now.


Previous Mautic Downloads:

Mautic 2.15.1-beta

Mautic 2.15.0 was published on Dec 19, 2018. Change Log (List of new features and bug fixes). Download Mautic 2.15.0 or upgrade Mautic to 2.15.0

Mautic 2.15.0-beta was published on on Dec 5, 2018. Change Log (List of new features and bug fixes). Download Mautic 2.15.0-beta

Mautic 2.14.2 was published on Oct 23, 2018. Change Log (List of new features and bug fixes). Download Mautic 2.14.2


2.14.2-beta on Oct 16, 2018

2.14.1 on Sep 20, 2018

2.14.1-beta on Sep 6, 2018

2.14.0 on Jul 25, 2018

2.14.0-beta on Jul 17, 2018

2.13.1 on Apr 24, 2018

2.13.0 on Apr 17, 2018


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