Mautic Hosting: Mautic Self Hosted Best Practices


Mautic will run on any server that supports PHP and a MySQL compatible database, which is little short of saying it will run anywhere, you could run it on Linux, Windows, you could run it on your phone, what the heck! you could probably run it on your smart coffee maker!

But should you? Of course not, your coffee maker runs java! hehehe.

Now seriously, which is the best platform to run Mautic? As always, it depends, so I will try to give you enough pointers for you to choose the best option for your own situation.

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Install Mautic Plugin - Mixin for dummies & marketers too

Install Mautic Plugin - Mixin

Installing Mautic plugins or Mautic Mixins (as only God knows why, they are officially named now) is really simple... most of the time...
But there's always some obscure unofficial plugin that you really need so badly, and those always have little or no instructions and hence they refuse to install.

Don't worry, it really is very simple, if you know a couple tricks... Let's start with the basics:

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Mautic Backup for dummies & marketers too

Mautic Backup

There's much more to making backups than just copying files, as you probably know, you need a backup strategy. In this post I'm not going to enter in detail on the strategic part. Anyway I'm going to abide to the most basic and indispensable elements of a backup strategy, that is so, if you ever need your data, you have a certain guarantee that your data will remain available to you when most needed.

I'm going to start with a little bit of theory, I know it's boring, but it will let you understand what you're doing in the second part when we start using the console and giving instructions to the server.

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The Dangers of Mautic 3

The dangers of Mautic 3

Or what Mautic 3 could mean for the rest of us...

Mautic 3 is going to be wonderful, I have no doubt about it. The core team and the developers both from Mautic Inc and the community are simply awesome, the new paradigm proposed for Mautic 3 is wonderful and the technical possibilities are on par with the latest developments from Google. The conversation about how we are supposed to build Mautic 3 is happening right now in the #core channel of Mautic’s Slack. If you haven't paid a visit yet, this is a great moment to do so. 

But there is a hidden danger lurking behind the creation of Mautic 3 and how it’s being designed at Mautic Inc, the current vission could have it’s dangers... to the community.

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Mautic Cron Jobs for dummies & marketers too

Mautic cron jobs

Cron jobs are (supposed to be) the smartest and simplest way to automate things on a Linux server, and they are. However, it's design, deeply rooted on the darkest corners of the linux kernel, designed by the deep minds that created Linux itself, doesn't always present itself as obvious to us, marketers (or to any other kind of Linux Dummies), that's probably why soooo many people have issues with cron jobs. Yes, maybe this is something that should be solved within the Mautic interface, maybe someday... in the meantime, let's try to tackle this problem down, in a way even a marketer can do it :-)

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The best cloud File System was created before the cloud existed


You know what NTFS is, that's your windows file system, right?
You probably also know that linux uses several different file systems, the most extended one being ext4...

Here's the thing.... there's an old file system called ZFS, originally designed by SUN Microsystems in 2001 and delivered for the first time as a Solaris product on 2005.
At the time, it was a very specific tool designed to serve the needs of a reduced number of companies running large pools of disks sitting in a server room.

What happen between then and now we all know, the Internet became mainstream, allowed cloud computing, then devops emerged and then containers exploded; as a consequence of those changes, the needs of system administrators and users alike have completely changed. What used to be a strange and relatively complex file system, tailored for very specific needs and used exclusively by just a few people, might be the best option nowadays and because it was so well architectured, 15 years after it's now shining more then ever, rapidly growing in adoption and menacing to become mainstream.

Let's see what all the fuss is about...

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